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Biocultural Diversity Policy

We have fostered the development of policies that recognize the vital importance of the diversity of life in nature and culture, and promoting action to implement that recognition at international and national levels. Terralingua had a significant presence at the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) 4th World Conservation Congress, held in Barcelona in October 2008, We co-sponsored three resolutions: “Integrating Culture and Cultural Diversity into IUCN’s Policy and Programme”; “IUCN Adoption of Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”; and “Recognition and Conservation of Sacred Natural Sites in Protected Areas”, all of which were adopted by the IUCN Members’ Assembly.

Released! Langscape Volume 4 Issue 1

Langscape's newest issue is now available.  "The People's Issue  - Part 1: Flows and Bridges"  Flows: the flow of life in nature and culture, in space and time; the flow of water; the flow of memory; the flow of communication and understanding across cultures; the flow of art, dance, and beauty. Bridges: bridges across often

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