A Sense of Place (Campfire Meditation)

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credit: Cristina Mittermeier

We’re hearing so much about

Indigenous knowledge lately

Knowledge about the natural world

We want to know that knowledge

To understand what we’ve done wrong

To make things better

But knowledge alone won’t do that for us

Stories we hear

From indigenous mouths

Are not stories of

Knowledge of place alone

They are stories of

Sense of place

Not what to know about

A place you live in

But how to live in

A place you know

Not just

Humans in nature but

Nature in humans

Stories not of

Knowledge alone

But of wisdom which is

Lessons we draw from knowledge

Information alone is nothing if

There’s no lesson to draw

Cultural and Spiritual Values of Biodiversity Darrell Posey (ed.) Intermediate Technologies/Leiden University/UNEP, 1999

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