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Yes, we humans have been part of the problem. But we’re also part of the solution!

That’s why we created Terralingua in 1996, with a pioneering mission to sustain the biocultural diversity of life. We share a fundamental set of beliefs:

  • The diversity of life on Earth is biological, cultural, and linguistic diversity.
  • Biological, cultural, and linguistic diversity are co-evolved, interdependent, and mutually reinforcing.
  • There is a rapid, converging extinction crisis of the biocultural diversity of life, which is threatening the survival of humans and all other species.
  • Healthy environments, resilient cultures, and vibrant languages are an issue of social justice and basic human rights for all human societies.
  • The best way to “conserve” the biocultural diversity of life is to ensure that it does not get depleted in the first place; that is, to ensure that cultures, languages, and ecosystems remain vital and thriving.

These beliefs guide the work we have been doing over the years. Our ultimate goal is to foster a profound paradigm shift in the way all of us think: a global shift that will make sustaining biocultural diversity a fundamental societal value.

Our activities and publications have raised global awareness of the importance of biocultural diversity and launched a new field of study and practice. By bridging knowledge, education, and action, we continue to promote understanding and appreciation of the value of biocultural diversity for human futures.

We work with schools, academic and research institutions, international organizations, Indigenous Peoples, local communities, and members of the general public who share our values and our mission.

Much more remains to be done. Join us in this effort!

  • Learn more about biocultural diversity
  • Become active in your community, in your region, and beyond
  • Get Involved with Terralingua and contribute to creating positive change in the world


Become part of the solution to one of the greatest challengeshumanity has ever faced. Together we can!

Mask Dancer, Nuu-chah-nulth, BC. The indigenous languages of British Columbia are severely endangered. Photo © Terralingua, 2010.

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