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fostering caring and curiosity for the diversity of life in nature and culture

Imagine, an integrative biocultural diversity curriculum in classrooms across the globe.

Biocultural diversity is the true web of life. It’s the planetary network made up of the world’s languages, cultures, and ecosystems: the millions of species of plants and animals that have evolved on earth, and the thousands of human cultures and languages that have co-evolved with the natural environment. People are but a part of the web of life. But how many of us think of it this way? We tend to believe we’re separate from nature and dominant over it. This way of thinking is the main source of our global problems. We need a profound change in values, and it begins with young minds! We are linking up with schools to introduce the idea of biocultural diversity in the curriculum, and to foster students’ curiosity and caring for the diversity of life in nature and culture.

Download Introductory Materials (pdf):

Biocultural Diversity Educational Initiative:

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Sharing a World of Difference:The Earth’s Linguistic, Cultural and Biological Diversity

We are developing pilot curriculum materials for high schools. If you are a teacher or student interested in this topic and would like to participate in pilot testing, please contact project director Luisa Maffi: maffi[at]terralingua.org.

Our Education Team

Dr. Luisa Maffi, Ph.D. – Project Director
Dr. Carla Paciotto, Ed.D. – Education Advisor


“This project was made possible by the support of the Berman Foundation”

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