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Terralingua Director Luisa Maffi Featured on Green Dreamer Podcast

November 04, 2020

Luisa Maffi, Director of Terralingua: Greed Dreamer Podcast Graphic

We’re delighted to announce that next week our co-founder and director, Luisa Maffi—one of the pioneers of the concept and field of biocultural diversity—was recently featured as a special guest on the Green Dreamer podcast, hosted by Kamea Chayne. In this compelling, two-part Q&A, Kamea and Luisa discuss the nuts and bolts of biocultural diversity—the inextricable link between culture, language, and biodiversity. Listen to the first installation and then check out the second broadcast!

Green Dreamer is a podcast and multimedia journal that, in Kamea’s words, “aims to illuminate our paths to ecological regeneration, intersectional sustainability, true abundance, and wellness for all.” The program offers a deep exploration of themes ranging from regenerative reforestation and environmental racism to climate inaction and decolonizing the fashion industry. Kamea has a diverse and impressive roster of guests, including adventurer, conservationist, writer, and photographer Cristina Mittermeier; National Geographic science writer and explorer David Quammen; and Cultural Survival Executive Director Galina Angarova—just to name a few.

“Kamea’s mission is very much in line with what we’ve been doing at Terralingua, and we applaud her for her efforts in encouraging dialogue surrounding these important topics,” says Luisa Maffi, who is also editor-in-chief of our flagship publication, Langscape Magazine. “For almost 25 years now, our work has been promoting an appreciation of the vital value of the interlinked diversity of nature, culture, and language. It’s wonderful to see the younger generation and people like Kamea taking the torch.”

Green Dreamer podcast host Kamea Chayne. Photo: Amina Touray, 2017

Green Dreamer podcast host Kamea Chayne. Photo: Amina Touray, 2017

Kamea first started the Green Dreamer podcast after months of feeling helpless about distressing global trends—all interconnected—in social and environmental issues. At that point, she’d already been actively pursuing her own personal conscious living journey. But she realized the world as a whole had a long way to go in terms of addressing things like systemic injustices, broken value systems, deteriorating public health, perpetuated misinformation, and corporate influences on policy.

“But we’re not alone,” she writes, “and there is already a path we can move forward on together. That’s why I started Green Dreamer—for us to commune and support one another, learn about the wide range of restorative and regenerative work already being done by people across all fields, and feel inspired and activated to discover and play each of our unique roles.”

We’re very pleased to be featured on Kamea’s podcast, and we encourage you to listen to the first installation of Luisa’s interview and give the second broadcast a listen, too! While you’re at it, be sure to explore the many other compelling episodes, too!

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