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Get our Latest Issue: A Celebration of 25 Years of Biocultural Diversity

January 07, 2022

The year 2021 marked 25 years since Terralingua came into existence in 1996 — a quarter of a century of raising awareness of the vital value of biocultural diversity and fostering protection of the world’s languages, cultures, and all the species with which we share this earth!

To celebrate our 25th birthday, we created a special anniversary issue that features stories we’ve published over the past years — memorable stories chosen by our team and by readers, but republished in a new context. Through written and visual stories, poetry, and art, Langscape Magazine Vol. 10 shares and celebrates our message about biocultural diversity.

This new “collage” will give you both an in-depth sense of the idea of biocultural diversity and a vivid impression of the amazing variety of ways in which that diversity manifests itself around the globe.

Langscape Magazine is a 160-page, ad-free, full-color feast for the mind and the eyes!

The PDF is available to download for US$10.

Print copies are available for US$30 + shipping and will mailed in early February 2022.