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Changes to Langscape Magazine Subscriptions

March 06, 2024

After careful consideration, we are making some changes to the way we offer Langscape Magazine.

Since we moved from producing two annual issues of the magazine to only one, double-sized annual issue per year, there simply hasn’t been enough of a good reason to continue to offer subscriptions. And many of our supporters have clearly let us know about that — by choosing straight purchases instead!

We heard the message and are switching to a pre-purchase system, which also allows us to continue to offer a benefit to long-term friends like you. (Note: This does not apply to university subscriptions — but individual subscriptions only.)

From now until September 1st (when we’ll be placing our order with the printers), print copies of Langscape Magazine Vol. 13 are available for pre-purchase at US$28, a 20% discount over the new regular price of $35. 

Pre-purchases also are eco-friendly: they allow us to stock fewer print copies in our Shop and thus reduce the number of copies of past issues gathering dust in our inventory!

We, therefore, encourage you to pre-order your copy of Volume 13 before September 1st to receive the discounted price.

This year’s theme is “territories of life,” including — but not limited to — Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas (ICCAs) and Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs).

This concept embodies the core tenet of the idea and practices of biocultural diversity: that there is an inextricable, mutual link between people and the natural world. Territories of life sustain people’s lives; in turn, people sustain the territories from which they draw their relationships, knowledge systems, and livelihoods.

We’re confident that you’ll enjoy its insightful stories from people around the world!