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The year 2021 marked 25 years since Terralingua came into existence in 1996 — a quarter of a century of raising awareness of the vital value of biocultural diversity and fostering protection of the world’s languages, cultures, and all the species with which we share this earth! To celebrate our 25th birthday, we created a

Righting the Incalculable Wrongs of Indian Residential Schools in Canada

First Nations Protest BC Provincial Legislature July 1

For the past twenty-five years, Terralingua has stood for the vital value of biocultural diversity—the interlinked diversity of life in nature and culture. Biocultural diversity lies at the very core of our awareness-raising mission and of our vision for a just, equitable, and sustainable world. Our work has shown that the global distribution of biodiversity

A call to photographers and artists!


Photographers and artists, have your image* published on the next cover of Langscape Magazine! We are looking for happy, festive images from around the world that celebrate the interconnection of people and nature. Submit by Aug. 31st. This year, we’re celebrating 25 years of Terralingua and biocultural diversity. On this festive occasion, we are producing

Indigenous Youth, Send Your Story!

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Are you a young Indigenous person who would like to share your experiences connecting to your ancestral languages, cultures, and lands? If so, we want you to send us an Expression of Interest! Proposed stories can be essays, short fiction, poetry, photo essays, videos, podcast scripts, music, spoken word, and artwork. The Indigenous Youth Storytellers

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Do you have something to say about reverence, respect, and reciprocity? Do you have ideas about these 3 Rs as the cornerstones of biocultural diversity? Have you long pondered this big question: How can the Indigenous principles of Reverence, Respect, and Reciprocity help build a just, equitable, sustainable world in which biocultural diversity can thrive?

On Biocultural Diversity: Terralingua at 25

It’s hard to believe that it’s been twenty-five years since Terralingua was founded in 1996, with a mission to sustain biocultural diversity through research, awareness raising, and practice! As we celebrate this milestone, it’s a good time to step back and reflect on our path so far and what lies ahead. A quarter of a

During a Pandemic, Indigenous Voices Matter More Than Ever

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In late February, when we launched the theme for the upcoming issue of Langscape Magazine, “The Other Extinction Rebellion: Countering the Loss of Biocultural Diversity,” the coronavirus still was but a remote threat for most people. Just a few weeks later, much of the world is in lockdown and social, economic, and educational activities are disrupted

Call for Contributions to Langscape Magazine, Vol. 9

The Other Extinction Rebellion: Countering the Loss of Biocultural Diversity Terralingua has just announced a third Call for Contributions for Langscape Magazine! The theme is “The Other Extinction Rebellion: Countering the Loss of Biocultural Diversity.” We’re inviting contributions in one of five formats: written story, photo essay, video, poetry, and artwork. Keep this in mind: We want contributions

Just released! Langscape Magazine, Volume 8

Khadry Okotetto is performing by Galya Morrell

Re-Storying Biocultural Diversity: Wisdom from Young Indigenous Leaders In 2019, Terralingua started a special initiative, the Indigenous Youth Storytellers Circle (IYSC). The aim of the IYSC was to provide a venue in which young Indigenous people could share their gift of stories. An official project affiliated with the UN’s International Year of Indigenous Languages (IYIL

The Indigenous Youth Storytellers Circle: Share Your Story with the World!

Indigenous Youth Storytellers Circle

Official Project of Terralingua and the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages An Invitation to Young Indigenous People Ages 18–30   All across the world, young Indigenous people like you are taking the lead in showing ways to live respectfully on Earth. Your languages, your cultures, and your homelands bear the wisdom of generations