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Our vision is of a just, equitable, sustainable world in which the biocultural diversity of life is valued, protected, and perpetuated for generations to come. If you share our vision, join us in our efforts by giving to Terralingua!

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biocultural diversity
biocultural diversity

Your donation will directly support our integrative program of research, education and outreach, policy-relevant work, and on-the-ground action. It will also be used to publish our unique nonprofit publication, Langscape Magazine.

Your donation will bolster Terralingua’s mission to promote understanding and appreciation of the vital value of the world’s biocultural diversity for the thriving of all life on earth. In addition, donations strengthen our purpose to bring about a profound shift in human values that will make sustaining biocultural diversity a primary societal goal.

Terralingua is a (501)(c)(3) nonprofit in the USA and a registered charity in Canada. Therefore, donations are tax deductible in both the USA and Canada, and you will receive a valid tax receipt. International donations are welcome, too, and will also be acknowledged with a receipt. To make a secure online donation, please choose one of the two options above.

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