Table of Contents


    Terralingua at 25
    A Celebration of Biocultural Diversity


    Langscape Magazine, Volume 10, Summer/Winter 2021



    Acts of Rebellion: On Making the Impossible Possible
    Luisa Maffi


    Biocultural Diversity: Lenses, Mirrors, and Reflections

    Biocultural Diversity: Reason, Ethics, and Emotion
    David Harmon

    Flourishing at Twenty-Five: On Context and Foundations in the Rise of the Concept of Biocultural Diversity
    Ken Wilson

    Cornerstone of Resilience: Reflections on the Diversity of Species and Culture
    Olga Mironenko

    Mirroring the Land: Biocultural Diversity Embodied
    Sonja Swift

    Listening to Our Ancestors: Biocultural Diversity through the Indigenous Lens
    Jon Waterhouse

    Tunun Kayutukun: Words Have Power
    Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff and Libby Roderick

    The Obvious Mirror: How Biocultural Diversity is Reflected in the Natural World
    Nejma Belarbi


    Top Hits: Our Readers’ Favorites


    Decolonial Mapmaking: Reclaiming Indigenous Places and Knowledge
    Jordan Engel

    Subversive Maps: How Digital Language Mapping Can Support Biocultural Diversity—and Help Track a Pandemic
    Maya Daurio, Sienna R. Craig, Daniel Kaufman, Ross Perlin, and Mark Turin

    Quarantine as Ceremony: COVID-19 as an Opportunity to Quietly Rebel against the Dominant Langscape
    Severn Cullis-Suzuki

    Learning to Write Our Native Language: The Nepalbhasa Ranjana Script of Nepal
    Manju Maharjan and Yuvash Vaidya

    A Chicken for Every Occasion: Exploring the Cultural  Significance of India’s Native Poultry Breeds
    Kanna K. Siripurapu and Sabyasachi Das

    You Need to Carry the Torch Light
    D’ulus Mukhin, interviewed by Galya Morrell


    Around the World in Eleven Biocultural Stories

    Pintando La Raya: Indigenous Resistance and Biocultural Conservation through Participatory Video
    Thor Morales

    The Sweeping Dance: Cultural Revival, Environmental Conservation, and the Art of Broom Making in St. Lucia
    Laurent Jean-Pierre

    Mangroves, Education, and Recovery of the Territory: Biocultural Diversity in Bahía Solano, Colombia
    Felipe Rodríguez Moreno and Norma Constanza Castaño Cuéllar

    Yamani: Voices of an Ancient Land
    Faith Baisden, Thomas Dick, Carolyn Barker, and Kristina Kelman

    In the Abode of the Clouds: Biocultural Diversity of Meghalaya, India
    Raynold Lyngdoh

    Tsurushibina: A Traditional Japanese Craft Helps Maintain and Restore Biocultural Knowledge and People’s Connection with Nature
    Mariia Ermilova

    Lessons of the Maasai Warriors (Morani)
    Edna Kilusu

    My Missing Tongue
    Abraham Ofori-Henaku

    When Home Becomes A Protected Area: The Udege People and the Bikin River Valley in the Russian Far East
    Aleksandra Bocharnikova

    One Square Meter: Wool Art Honors the Biocultural Diversity of Mobile Pastoralists
    Liza Zogib, Divya Venkatesh, Sandra Spissinger, and Concha Salguero

    De Prima: Stories of the Old Days in Umbria, the Green Heart of Italy
    Anna Maffi


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