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Call for Submissions


Volume 9   |   Double Issue for Summer/Winter 2020


Submission Deadline:  Now Closed

Theme: “The Other Extinction Rebellion: Countering the Loss of Biocultural Diversity”

This issue of Langscape Magazine is devoted to exploring how people around the globe — Indigenous and non-Indigenous — are rebelling against the biocultural diversity extinction. How are individuals and communities taking conscious, powerful action to counter the loss of diversity in nature and culture?

We are calling for a third round of submissions to this year’s theme of the “biocultural extinction rebellion.”

Climate change, biodiversity loss, and other human impacts on the natural world have devastating effects not only on species and ecosystems, but also on human societies and their diverse languages, cultures, knowledge and value systems, and lifeways. In turn, the loss of cultural and linguistic diversity contributes to and accelerates our global environmental problems. In the words of Terralingua co-founder David Harmon, it’s a “converging extinction crisis” of biocultural diversity — the diversity of life in nature and culture.

That crisis calls for another “extinction rebellion”: a rebellion against the loss of biocultural diversity. We argue that the “extinction rebellion” movement that is afoot today needs to expand to embrace this wider, crucial dimension.

On this theme, we’re looking for submissions with an “edge,” that don’t shy away from the difficult historical and political issues involved. That might range from people taking a public stance with protests and demonstrations all the way to, say, a subtly “subversive” piece of artwork or poetry (in which the “rebellion” is metaphorically suggested), and everything in-between.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to work its way through the world—now especially in the global South—it adds an unprecedented threat to the livelihoods and ways of life of Indigenous Peoples and local communities. How are they coping with the pandemic? How are they drawing from traditional knowledge, wisdom, and ingenuity to protect themselves and build resilience? We still welcome contributions that address these and related questions.

And as the pandemic itself as well as mounting racial and ethnic tensions sweep the globe they reveal and force us to confront a complex tangle of social, economic, and environmental injustices and inequities that have long stood in the way of an equitable and bioculturally sustainable world. What obstacles and what opportunities do you see in the present historical moment to achieve “unity in biocultural diversity” for all?

We’re keen to hear from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous persons who are working on the frontlines of the Biocultural Extinction Rebellion worldwide, including the frontlines of the pandemic and biocultural justice!

Submissions can be written and/or visual media. Be aware that Langscape Magazine uses a narrative or journalistic — rather than academic — style.

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We look forward to hearing from you!

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