Attendees on the British Columbia Provincial Legislature lawn gather on July 1, 2021, to remember the Indigenous children who died while attending residential schools in Canada. Over several decades, Indigenous children were taken from their families and placed in residential schools. Their languages, cultures, spiritual beliefs, sense of identity, and connections to their ancestral lands were taken away from them, just as they were from adopted children during the Sixties Scoop in Canada. Photo: David Rapport



The steps of the British Columbia Provincial Legislature at the July 1, 2021, First Nations memorial gathering. Many Indigenous children in residential schools died from all sorts of abuse and, likely, broken hearts. Photo: David Rapport




“Future,” archival pigment print. Part of the Afrikan Alphabets series, which draws on research with particular emphasis on Saki Mafundikwa’s book from which the title is derived.


“Celestial,” archival pigment print. Reinterpretation of Richard A. Proctor’s 1873-star chart. Each dot has been redrawn and filled with a sliver of a photograph of an eye iris.


“Waves – I,” archival pigment print. Details of an eye iris and waves, from Continuum, a series that explores our connection with nature.


“To belong,” archival pigment print. North of Coileagan an Udal.⁠ One of nine works, which combines satellite images of Scottish landscapes with photographs of black, brown, and white skin. ⁠⁠

Call for Stories – Langscape Magazine Vol 12