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Fewer human footprints on the beach these days.


Joe Martin (my Dad) social distance visiting yesterday and explaining how to make harpoon tips with ƛ̓učc̓qʷii (mussel shells).

Macro Shot Of Camas Lily Blossoms Showing Yellow Pollen On The A

Yellow pollen contrasts with the deep purple of camas lily petals in a meadow in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, British Columbia.

Close Up Of Purple- Blue Camas Lilies In The Evening Spring Ligh

Close up of purple-blue camas lilies in the evening spring light, Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, British Columbia.

Camas May 4 TWO 2020 – 3a

Camas lily close-up. Photo: Neil Dickie, 2020



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Great Andamanese Language Dictionary and Grammar books by Anvita Abbi.

Birds of the Great Andamanese-Oxford University Press

Birds of the Great Andamanese, Oxford University Press.

Licho with her newborn Berebe-2005 post tsunami camp

Late Great Andamanese language speaker Licho with her newborn, Berebe, in 2005, after surviving the tsunami.