Our Projects

    Over the years, Terralingua has engaged in a variety of projects to increase understanding of biocultural diversity and has developed tools to assess, document, and conserve it. We have contributed to protecting biocultural diversity through international policy and raising awareness of it through our educational initiatives and our outreach publication, Langscape Magazine. Also, we have lent support to Indigenous Peoples’ and local communities’ efforts to maintain and revitalize their ancestral languages, cultures, and connections with the land.

    Explore these projects and find the abundance of materials we’re making freely available!

    biocultural diversity

    A wealth of resources and tools for understanding and
    sustaining biocultural diversity

    biocultural diversity

    An integrative approach to teaching and learning
    about biocultural diversity

    Indigenous knowledge

    Supporting Indigenous Peoples’ efforts to reclaim their
    languages and cultural traditions

    Langscape Magazine

    Stories from all over the globe celebrating the bounty
    of diversity in nature and culture