Policy for Biocultural Diversity

Sustaining biocultural diversity is both a local and a global issue. Locally, biocultural diversity thrives when people continue to recognize, or reawaken to, their “inextricable link” with nature and act accordingly, caring for the natural world that cares for us. But safeguarding biocultural diversity also inevitably has a global dimension: it calls for policies, programs, and actions at national and international levels that acknowledge the value of biocultural diversity and ensure that human activities harmonize with the thriving of life.

That is why over the years we at Terralingua have worked extensively in international fora to promote recognition of the interconnectedness of nature and culture and to foster policies and practices that adopt an integrative biocultural approach to conservation and that uphold the linguistic, cultural, and land rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

On this page, we’ll create a repository of information and documents related to biocultural diversity policy processes to which we have contributed. Stay tuned!



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