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Welcome to Terralingua’s Portal on Biocultural Diversity Conservation!

This portal is for everyone who has an interest in protecting and restoring the biocultural diversity of life. We created this space to nurture a vibrant community of practice in biocultural diversity conservation. Exchanging ideas and working together will make us all stronger, more visible, and more effective in achieving our shared goals. By sharing on-the-ground experiences from all over the world, together we are forging unity in biocultural diversity.

Biocultural diversity is the interlinked diversity of nature and culture: the millions of species of plants and animals that have evolved on earth, and the thousands of different cultures and languages that humans have developed by interacting closely with one another and with the natural environment. Biocultural diversity is the pulsating heart of the globe, the multi-faceted expression of the beauty and potential of life on this planet—a precious gift for everyone to cherish and care for. Yet, the biocultural diversity of life is at grave risk. Global economic, political, and social forces are eroding the vitality and resilience of the world’s ecosystems and cultures. A “converging extinction crisis” is leading to a rapid and vast loss of diversity in all its forms. Losing biocultural diversity means losing the very fabric and vitality of life, losing our present and future options for life on earth.

Thousands of people all over the world are rising to the challenge. From Indigenous peoples and local communities striving to safeguard their landscapes and ways of life, to the many committed others who are working for the cause at local, regional, and global levels, there are countless efforts underway to stop and reverse biocultural diversity loss. But these efforts are often isolated from one another—separate dots, so to speak, on the global map of biocultural diversity conservation. In isolation, one effort can’t learn from the others, and collectively we all can’t learn from them. There is an urgent need to “connect the dots”.

With this portal, we aim to do just that: connect the dots.

Researchers, professionals, policy makers, activists, and others with an interest in biocultural diversity conservation can find a variety of resources here to learn more about it: publications, blog postings, practical tools, and an extensive collection of projects from all over the world that  apply a biocultural approach to on-the-ground conservation of nature and culture. By sharing with you the lessons we have learned, we hope to foster the creation of a common front to advance the cause of sustaining the biocultural diversity of life. And please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!   Along with the diversity of species and the diversity of languages and cultures, we embrace the diversity of ideas, and welcome your thoughts, suggestions, and inspiration.

Introducing the Biocultural Diversity Conservation Sourcebook

This portal is an online companion to our book Biocultural Diversity Conservation: A Global Sourcebook (Earthscan, 2010), the very first global resource on biocultural diversity conservation.

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Introducing the Biocultural Diversity Toolkit

What is Biocultural Diversity, why does it matter, and what can you do to support its continued vitality for the future of humanity and all life on earth? You can find some of the answers and learn about some of the available tools and approaches in the pages of Terralingua’s publication, the Biocultural Diversity Toolkit.

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