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Nourishing Body and Soul:
The Biocultural Diversity of Food


Langscape Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 2, Winter 2018 in the northern hemisphere


Nourishing Body and Soul: The Biocultural Diversity of Food
David Harmon




Podcasting from the Native Seed Pod: Food Sovereignty Stories Nourish the Future
Melissa K. Nelson




Cultivating Respect: Reviving Forgotten Plant Knowledge in Costa Rica
Felipe Montoya-Greenheck

Grandmother Oak and Her Acorn Teachings
Sara Moncada and Maya Harjo

Making Haku Chhoyala: Food Brings a Nepalese Indigenous Community Together
Sheetal Vaidya, Manju Maharjan, and Prakash Khadgi

Pinto Beans and Ham Hocks
Carrie Ann Barton

The Lure of a “Modern Lifestyle”: Bridging the Food Generation Gap in South Africa
Felix Kwabena Donkor and Kevin Mearns

Circles of Kinship: Faces of Turtle Island’s Seed Guardians
Mateo Hinojosa




Del Monte a la Cocina: Gathering Inspiration in Southern Chile
Antonia Barreau, Sonia Aliante, Jesús Sánchez, Rosario Valdivieso, and Susannah McCandless

Ita: A Special Food for a Special Time in an Indonesian Community
Lina A. Karolin

You Can Eat Your Cake and Have It Too: A Special Recipe from the Nicobar Islands, India
Rakhi Kumari

Understanding the Meaning of Food and Work through Community Photography in Peru
Rebecca Wolff, Francesco D’Angelo, Gonzalo Urbina, and Malena Martínez

Nostalgia and Spleen: Feeding the Body, Rediscovering Self through Sicilian Street Food
Vincenzo Di Giorgi

Mujeres y Maíz: Expanding Food Choices for Rural Women in Southern Mexico
Constanza Monterrubio Solís

A Chicken for Every Occasion: Exploring the Significance of India’s Native Poultry Breeds
Kanna K. Siripurapu and Sabyasachi Das




CreativeVoice: Cooking Stories with Native Maize
Flor Rivera López

Celebrating Body and Soul: A Tea-Making Festival Reunites Russians with Their Cultural Traditions
Mariia Ermilova and Tatiana Ilinich

Old Seeds, New Growth: Harvesting Community Empowerment from a School Garden in Kenya 
Eliot Gee

Safeguarding Food-Producing Cultural Landscapes: The Role of the UNESCO-Greece Melina Mercouri International Prize
Mechtild Rössler, Akane Nakamura, and Roland Chih-Hung Lin



Extra Stories


The Flavors of Resilience: A Visual Journey through Ethiopia’s Foodscape
Viveca Mellegård

Reviving Foods, Preserving Culture: My Journey as an Indigenous Food Entrepreneur
Aruna Tirkey


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