Langscape Magazine Vol. 9

The Other Extinction Rebellion: Countering the Loss of Biocultural Diversity

Volume 9, Summer/Winter 2020 in the northern hemisphere


Heard about the Extinction Rebellion — the global movement in response to the climate crisis? Yes? Now how about the Biocultural Diversity Extinction Rebellion?

That’s a new global movement that’s afoot today, in response to another existential crisis: the twin loss of diversity in nature and culture. Read all about it in the 2020 issue of Langscape Magazine!

Individuals and communities building resilience in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, contesting racism and discrimination, fighting for their lands and cultural rights. Women stepping forward as defenders of biocultural diversity. Indigenous youth embracing their ancestral cultures, languages, and links to the land. Find this and more from talented, courageous storytellers and artists from all over the world in this double issue of Langscape.

A 160-page, ad-free, full-color feast for the mind and the eyes!

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