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We are dealing with complex and interlinked biocultural phenomena, and the time is ripe to understand them better and apply that understanding in the practice of conservation. As the international policy arena changes to incorporate concepts of cultural rights, as some formerly marginalised groups claim increasing power, the credibility of the conservation movement  depends on its ability to deal with the relation between history, culture and conservation in all its complexity, beyond the cliches.” Editorial, Policy Matters (IUCN, November, 2004).

Luisa Maffi co-edited this issue of Policy Matters which includes for the first time, the instigative maps of Rick Stepp, Terralingua, and WWF. These maps are the first ever to show correlations between language, culture and environment.  Section III: Understanding and Measuring Biocultural Diversity, contains articles by Luisa Maffi, Rick Stepp, David Harmon and Jonathan Loh, making this a must read for Terralingua enthusiasts and researchers in the field of Biocultural Diversity.

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