Videos and Podcasts

Here we present a selection of educational videos and podcasts about biocultural diversity and several documentaries created by Indigenous and local communities we’ve worked with as part of our projects.

“Language, Knowledge and the Environment: Implications for Biocultural Conservation” Luisa Maffi, David Stringer & Marianne Ignace (2024)
2:00 hours
“Rights and Responsibilities”
Guest Speakers and Luisa Maffi (2023)
1:16 hours
“Reverence, Respect, and Reciprocity”
Guest Speakers and Luisa Maffi (2022)
1:08 hours
“Exploring The Connection between Land and Language” (2022)
Hosted by Terralingua & 7000 Languages
1:11 hours
Sierra Youth Podcast
Luisa Maffi on Sierra Youth Podcast: “Biocultural diversity” (2022)
0:54 mins
Luisa Maffi with Indiana U. panel,
“Indigenous Resilience and Regeneration: Beyond the Global Pandemic” (2021)
1:04 hours
Luisa Maffi on “Bio, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity” (2021)
0:16 mins
Luisa Maffi on “The Other Extinction Rebellion: Countering the Loss of Biocultural Diversity” (2021)
1:13 hours
Luisa Maffi on “Weaving together biological diversity and cultural and language diversity” (2020)
0:29 mins
Luisa Maffi on “Uniting in support of a global biocultural extinction rebellion” (2020)
0:30 mins
Luisa Maffi on “Language, Culture, and the Environment: Thinking Out of the Silos” (2018)
1:27 hours

Long Jim and Other Chilcotin Stories (2017)
8:09 minutes

Xhosa Youth Reconnect to Their Cultural Heritage (2013)
13:40 minutes

Challenges of Sacred Groves in Zanzibar (2013)
16:34 minutes

Guardianship of the Sacred Groves in Zanzibar (2013)
18:28 minutes

Luisa Maffi on “Biocultural Diversity Conservation” (2010)
7:15 minutes