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Re-Storying Biocultural Diversity:
Wisdom from Young Indigenous Leaders


Langscape Magazine, Volume 8, Special Issue, Summer/Winter 2019



Bringing the Past into the Future
Luisa Maffi




My Missing Tongue
Abraham Ofori-Henaku (Akan, Ghana)

Learning to Write Our Native Language: The Nepalbhasa Ranjana Script of Nepal
Manju Maharjan and Yuvash Vaidya (Newar, Nepal)

Cristina Calderón: Memories of My Yagan Grandmother
Cristina Zárraga (Yagan, Chile)

Speaking Our Identity
Hellen Losapicho and Magella Hassan Lenatiyama (El Molo, Kenya)

Language Revitalization: The Role of the Younger Generations
Three Interviews by Luisa Maffi

It Takes A Community To Raise A Speaker
Interview with Jordan Brant (Mohawk, Canada)

On Being A Chain Link Toward A Stronger Future
Interview with Skil Jaadee White (Haida, Canada)

Learning Our Language is Like Learning to See in Full Color
Interview with Gisèle Maria Martin (Tla-o-qui-aht, Canada)

Our Children Are Our Hope and Future: Reflections of a Language Apprentice Turned Language Immersion Teacher
SXEDŦELISIYE (Renee Sampson) (WSÁNEĆ, Canada) with an introduction by Luisa Maffi




Lessons of the Maasai Warriors (Morani)
Edna Kilusu (Maasai, Tanzania)

The Pati Karapau Ceremony of Nua Lu’a (Palu’e Island)
Fauzi Bin Abdul Majid (Palu’e, Indonesia)

Army Ants
Eusebia Flores (Yaqui, Mexico)

TEKS: Promoting and Safeguarding Biocultural Diversity Through the Arts
(complementary Photo Gallery on our website and on Medium)
Dely Roy Nalo (Vanuatu/Kiribati, Vanuatu) and Tommy Dick

Overcoming the Odds to Reach My Dreams: An Indigenous Artist’s Story
We’e’ena Tikuna (Tikuna, Brazil)

In an Indigenous University: Journey of a Pamusepian
Sean Anthony Dagondon Rusiana (Bagobo-Tagabawa, Philippines)

In Pursuit of Dreams: An Odyssey of Self-discovery and Homecoming of a Young Dhangar Man
Somnath Dadas (Dhangar, India) with Kanna K. Siripurapu

“They Call Me Umusangwabutaka”: My People Were the First to Reach This Land, but Today We Don’t Own Any of It
Marie Michelle Hirwa (Batwa, Rwanda)

In the Land of the River-Mirrors: Dialogues Around “Bee-cultural” Diversity
Walter Gabriel Estrada Ramírez (Siriano, Colombia) and Juan Manuel Rosso Londoño

Young Voices from the Russian Arctic
Four Interviews by Galya Morrell

Dreaming of a Beautiful World Where I Could Live One Day
Katrina Trofimova (Even, Russian Federation)

You Need to Carry the Torch of Light
D’ulus Mukhin (Even, Russian Federation)

There Are No Corners in the Tundra
Khadry Okotetto (Nenets, Russian Federation)

I Want to Keep the Past and Bring It Into the Future
Vova Yadne (Nenets, Russian Federation)




Biocultural Diversity on the Border: The Yaylas of the Western Lesser Caucasus
Ceren Kazancı (Laz, Georgia/Turkey) and Soner Oruç

Marine Biodiversity and Cultural Diversity: The Coastal Communities of Trivandrum, Kerala, India
Lisba Yesudas and Johnson Jament (Trivandrum, India)

Biocultural Heritage: The Fishing Villages of the Far North of Sweden
Joakim Boström (Kalix, Sweden), Anna-Märta Henriksson (Kalix, Sweden), and Marie Kwarnström

Can the Cenotes Be Saved?
Yolanda López-Maldonado (Yucatec Maya, Mexico)

North East Network Farm School
Kewekhrozo (Peter) Thopi and Tshenyilou (Lele) Chirhah (Chakhesang Naga, India)

Ewaso Ng’iro Camel Caravan
Laissa Malih (Laikipian Maasai, Kenya)

Strengthening the Link Between Green “Fights” and Language “Fights”: A Proposal from Basque Country
Beñat Garaio Mendizabal (Basque, Spain)

Ancestral Sayings and Indigenous Knowledge: Learning from Māori Oral Tradition
Hēmi Whaanga and Priscilla Wehi (Māori, Aotearoa/New Zealand)


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