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Langscape Volume 4 Cover REV-Proof_NewLangscape’s newest issue is now available.  “The People’s Issue  – Part 1: Flows and Bridges

 Flows: the flow of life in nature and culture, in space and time; the flow of water; the flow of memory; the flow of communication and understanding across cultures; the flow of art, dance, and beauty.

Bridges: bridges across often troubled waters, linking traditional and scientific knowledge, traditional solutions and contemporary innovations, traditional informal education and western formal education, local situations and global awareness and action; bridges of solidarity among individuals and communities; bridges over our gaps in knowledge and understanding, opening new paths and new hopes for sustaining the biocultural diversity of life.

Get a taste of this publication!  Read the Editorial and browse the Table of Contents.  Like what you see? Join Terralingua to access this interesting and beautiful publication as a benefit of membership.  Members also have access to an extended online photo essay version of the Louder Than Words II feature –  TEKS: Promoting and Safeguarding Biocultural Diversity Through the Arts in Northern Vanuatu.

Visit the Langscape website for more information about this and previous issues.  PDF and Print Issues of Langscape are also for sale through Terralingua’s Marketplace.

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