Print – Langscape 2-12

Print – Langscape 2-12

This issue of Langscape Magazine comes to you like a handful of precious seeds that we wish to share, hoping that they may find fertile ground where to sprout and grow and bear fruit. This issue is also a testament to the faith we have in the diversity of peoples and their unique relationship to their particular environments. It is an expression of our hope that in these expressions of biocultural diversity we may find teachings that will serve as so many points of light to guide the world out of the increasingly somber future that we are hurtling toward. The dominant global paradigms that are currently pushing the world toward ecological disaster and widespread human suffering have — as potential alternatives — the bountiful array of paradigms borne out of the diversity of human cultures in their diverse environments.

This Langscape Magazine issue provides a platform for some of these alternatives to reach a wider public and make us realize that there ARE other ways of being in and engaging with the world — alternative paradigms founded on values that are not totally foreign to any of us, but that we have either forgotten or have been led to believe no longer have a place in this world. These examples reveal that these alternative paradigms DO indeed exist and offer options to strive for a better world that includes the many peoples and life forms that share this earth.

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