Print – Langscape 11

Langscape 11

Print – Langscape 11


For this issue of Langscape Magazine, we asked a big question: How can the Indigenous principles of Reverence, Respect, and Reciprocity help build a just, equitable, sustainable world in which biocultural diversity can thrive?

Part of the answer may reside in understanding and embracing the deep meaning of these three principles — Reverence, Respect, and Reciprocity — which are fundamental to Indigenous ways of thinking and living all around the globe. Those three “Rs” are the cornerstones of a biocultural worldview that recognizes the complete interdependence of people and nature.

Find answers from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous persons who shared their reflections on a biocultural worldview grounded in the three Rs.

A 160-page, ad-free, full-color feast for the mind and the eyes!

Read the Editorial and the Table of Contents.

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