Print – 3 Issues of Langscape 5-2, 6-2, & 8

Print – 3 Issues of Langscape 5-2, 6-2, & 8

Langscape Magazine Vol 8 is a special issue. Most of its stories were drawn from the Indigenous Youth Storytellers Circle, a Terralingua project developed as a contribution to the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages. It’s 160 pages, ad-free, and full colour. Find out what’s inside: read the Editorial and the Table of Contents.

Langscape Magazine Vol. 6 Issue 2 explores why we need biocultural diversity as a source of ecological and social resilience and resistance. Its stories reveal the value of language and oral traditions, the importance of traditional knowledge and sense of place, and the need to (re)connect to biocultural heritage, other people, and the land to heal ourselves, each other, and the earth. It’s 80 pages, ad-free, and full color. Find out what’s inside: read the Table of Contents and the Editorial.

Langscape Magazine Vol. 5 Issue 2 was the second of two issues for Terralingua’s 20th anniversary. In it, we went back to our roots with our “Voices of the Earth” theme, in reference to the many voices of the world’s diverse peoples, which have evolved through intimate interaction with the Earth in each specific place. In this issue, you’ll hear from the Voices of the Earth! It’s 80 pages, ad-free and full colour. Find out what’s inside: read the Table of Contents and the Editorial!

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