Reclaiming Our Identity

A proud Lotha-Naga youth tells the story of his peoples and speaks to the importance of good values among humans. Riathung Ngüllie . Nina ha ete Kyong kae? (Are you a human/person too?) This is how I identify a community member or a fellow countryperson. Then comes, Nino enti yanla, ento jipo la? (Which village

Rites and Responsibilities: What Role for White Settlers in the Work for Indigenous Sovereignty?

Reconnecting to her roots, a descendant of settlers reflects on the legacy of colonization that her ancestors both endured and perpetuated. Darcy Ottey and Sharon Shay Sloan, with members of the Re-Calling Our Ancestors team “While it may be a gift or a burden, a heritage is always a responsibility. Something to be dwelled with

Listening to the Land

A wilderness hike reminds a young woman that privileges come with responsibilities. WORDS AND IMAGES   Jessica Herman . “Alright, good luck then,” my friend Michael offered, scooting away on his aluminum boat after he dropped me off on the western edges of Átl’ḵa7tsem, or Howe Sound, north of Vancouver, British Columbia. Oh no, I thought

The Dam Departed

Dam Departed

Teja Jonnalagadda We have fallen so far from where the water fell. There a wall stands now to power dishwashers, curling irons, flat screen TVs, and telephone poles. The fish no longer swim freely. Crawling up step ladders like meticulous marmosets. Flooded the valley floor, to ensure that we can always take more. We have