To My Grandmother, with Love

A woman finds hope and connection on the farm that gave her grandma life and love. Dea Sofie Kudsk     My grandmother is the heroine in this story. It’s all about her hands, her head with the blue and white scarf, her red braids hanging down her back while she is out there in

We Feed the World: Photographing Traditional Knowledge in the Kalix Communities of Northern Sweden

Text by Francesca Price Photographs by Clare Benson . We Feed the World is an international photographic initiative hosted by the Gaia Foundation. For the last thirty years, Gaia has worked with Indigenous communities to preserve local knowledge and enhance community ecological governance in order to revive biocultural diversity, regenerate healthy ecosystems and food systems,

Ancient Botanical Knowledge as Living Knowledge: Medicinal Plants of Antiquity

Project Contributor: Alain Touwaide Dr Alain Touwaide at work in the Library at Soliman the Magnificent Mosque, Istanbul, examining ancient herbals and documents from which he recovers information about ancient therapeutic uses of plants Credit: Emanuela Appetiti The “Medicinal Plants of Antiquity” program is recovering the ancient therapeutic practices of healers recorded by physicians of