Forest of Our Past, Forest of Our Future: Managing the Woods of an Ancient French Common 

A walk through one of France’s land commons reveals that the right to self-govern ensures the responsible management of natural resources. Gretchen Walters and Alain Levet . . The Stevenson Trail, a meandering 220 km path across rural central France, passes through the forests of the Mercoire massif, in the department of Lozère. The Mercoire,

La forêt de notre passé, la forêt de notre avenir : Gestion des bois d’un commun français

Une promenade dans l’un des communs fonciers montre que le droit à l’autonomie garantit une gestion responsable des ressources naturelles. Gretchen Walters et Alain Levet . Le chemin de Stevenson, un sentier sinueux de 220 km à travers le centre de la France, passe par les forêts du massif de Mercoire, dans le département de

Rites and Responsibilities: What Role for White Settlers in the Work for Indigenous Sovereignty?

Reconnecting to her roots, a descendant of settlers reflects on the legacy of colonization that her ancestors both endured and perpetuated. Darcy Ottey and Sharon Shay Sloan, with members of the Re-Calling Our Ancestors team “While it may be a gift or a burden, a heritage is always a responsibility. Something to be dwelled with

Give and Take: Shifting Perspectives on Kalamos Island, Greece

A local community grapples with increasing social and environmental pressures that are changing the balance between rights and responsibilities. WORDS Léa Denieul-Pinsky | IMAGES Thomas Ravessoud . The right to have responsibility, the responsibility to have rights. This is what emerges when I reflect on the moments shared at kitchen tables, on the phone, in

To My Grandmother, with Love

A woman finds hope and connection on the farm that gave her grandma life and love. Dea Sofie Kudsk     My grandmother is the heroine in this story. It’s all about her hands, her head with the blue and white scarf, her red braids hanging down her back while she is out there in

Countravāl l’Aigo / Against the Current

By learning how to swim against the current like salmon do, a woman finds her way back to the source of her language and identity. Daniela Boccassini   As our times’ bewildered becoming keeps unfolding, two simple words from a French medieval poem have accompanied me every step of the way: contreval l’iaue. They sank

De Prima: Stories of the Old Days in Umbria, the Green Heart of Italy

WORDS AND IMAGES Anna Maffi . . Olives, grapes, barley, alfalfa, and a few fruit trees are the main crops grown in the valley of San Giacomo, a tiny rural hamlet of perhaps fifty souls in Umbria, the green heart of Italy. Its dwellers consider the valley “golden” for its fertility. South-facing exposure, sandy loams,

Hvala – Thank You: A Meditation on Reclaiming My Croatian Heritage

Sylvia Pozeg About the Artwork My painting was created in gratitude to Croatia and as a meditation on reclaiming my heritage, from my own personal connection; no longer filtered through hazy childhood memories, not assimilated into some synthetic norm. I finally got to feel the storied land that shaped my ancestors, as strangely familiar as

Strengthening the Link between Green “Fights” & Language “Fights”: A Proposal from Basque Country

language diversity

by Beñat Garaio Mendizabal Langscape Magazine is the loudspeaker and meeting point for those of us . . . who believe that there is an alternative in this world, another way to understand our lives. We resist thinking that we will live and die on the same errant planet, a planet that is being systematically destroyed by

An Ancient Game Opens the Door to Innovation in the Farma Valley, Southern Tuscany, Italy

by Andrea Giacomelli . To reach the Farma Valley in Southern Tuscany, Italy, you need to stray far off the standard tourist routes south of Siena and away from the seaside, too. Set in the heart of the Metalliferous Hills, the valley covers approximately 120 square kilometers and includes three natural conservation areas with a

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