“Good Fire”: An Intertribal Alliance Empowers Native Californians to Restore Their Homelands

Tribal members take responsibility toward the land by reviving ancestral cultural burning. WORDS AND IMAGES Jeanine Pfeiffer  AUDIO AND VIDEO Tribal EcoRestoration Alliance    . In Northern California’s Lake County, young and young-ish Tribal women and men are reclaiming their eco-cultural heritage four generations after their great-great-grandparents were massacred, enslaved, and ousted from their homelands,

Wildfires and the Ancient Indigenous Art of Fire Management

Sitting in Terralingua’s offices a couple of weeks ago, I looked out the window. All I saw was a thick, white haze enveloping and obliterating the landscape. Wildfire smoke. My office is in the woods; on a normal day, I would be greeted by the awe-inspiring sight of giant Douglas firs—the signature tree species of

Thinking Like Fire: The Biocultural Art of Firelighting

by Hilary Vidalakis . There’s a tiny subculture of place-loving men and women who specialize in burning the land. “Prescribed fire,” they call it, though the term strikes me as arrogant; after three winters spent elbow-deep in the craft, lighting fires across the swamps and mountains and sandhill forests of Georgia, and despite the physical