Life in the Satpura Hills

Despite the challenges of changing times, the Bhils of Maharashtra stay connected to the forest, their homeland, and their cultural traditions. Shankar Bhil   This story is about my people, the Bhils of Nandurbar district of Maharashtra, India. It shows how connected we are to our land. The Bhils are one of the largest Indigenous

A Mvskoke Boy’s School Record

Overcoming racism and poverty during the Great Depression, an Indigenous youth reaffirmed his cultural identity and grew up to be a leader in his community. Otis Dees with Dr. Deidra Suwanee Dees While growing up in the discriminating South of the United States during the Great Depression, which endured from 1929 to 1939, my father,

My Grandfather’s Fight to Save Brunca Culture Runs in My Blood

A young Brunca historian follows her grandfather’s lifelong example of resisting colonialism and protecting the biocultural diversity of her people. WORDS María Lázaro │ IMAGES María Lázaro and Jessica Lázaro [Esta es una versión modificada del original en español. Traducción de Andrea Vargas y Peter Tonkin. — Ed.] [This is a modified version of the original

Blood Memory

A young Inuk woman visits her homeland and reconnects with her cultural identity. WORDS, IMAGES, AND VIDEO Katie Pootoogook Manomie . This short video is a glimpse into my trip to Iqaluit, Nunavut, where I met my Inuit family for the second time ever in my life and spent three weeks with them in August

Reclaiming Our Identity

A proud Lotha-Naga youth tells the story of his peoples and speaks to the importance of good values among humans. Riathung Ngüllie . Nina ha ete Kyong kae? (Are you a human/person too?) This is how I identify a community member or a fellow countryperson. Then comes, Nino enti yanla, ento jipo la? (Which village

Nature Is Our Culture

A young Madia man overcomes discrimination and reconnects with his cultural identity. WORDS Natthu Maroti Gawade with Aniket Bambole IMAGES AND VIDEO Natthu Maroti Gawade . I’m Natthu Maroti Gawade, thirty-four years old, a resident of Kothri village, Bharbhidi post, Chamorshi Taluk, Gadchiroli district, Maharashtra, India. I belong to the Madia Indigenous community (one of

A Glimpse of the Sea: Healing from Trauma and Abuse through Kristang Songs

Embracing his mixed Indigenous identity helps a young Singaporean embark on a healing journey. WORDS, MUSIC, AND IMAGES Kevin Martens Wong     . Little Lion Boy Little lion boy Come sing of the night with me And we’ll curl up beside the fire And you’ll forget your misery Let their memory fade Let their

Mom, Dad . . . Where are you?

The steps of the BC Provincial Legislature at the July 1, 2021, First Nations memorial gathering.

Indigenous Adoption Stories Knowing one’s origins can bring healing and closure. Marie-Émilie Lacroix and Marco Romagnoli     “I could hand you a braid of sweetgrass, as thick and shining as the plait that hung down my grandmother’s back. But it is not mine to give, not yours to take. Wiingaashk belongs to herself. So

Imaging the Future: A World of Porous and Fluid Boundaries

Fairouz El Tom art

Interview with Fairouz El Tom Through her artwork, an artist proposes a world where identity, diversity, and culture are intertwined and constantly changing. Emma-Caitlin Cooper ART    Fairouz El Tom   “When we drop fear, we can draw nearer to people, we can draw nearer to the earth, we can draw nearer to all the

Recognition: How to Keep Biocultural Diversity Alive

A Baiga man from Achanakmar Tiger Reserve

A Santhal woman embarks on a quest to understand her identity and what makes biocultural diversity thrive. Purabi Bose Reverence, respect, reciprocity: are there any alternatives to these fundamental principles for the survival of biocultural diversity? The answer is negative. One of the take-home messages of COVID-19 is that, for nature, the world is without

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