My Grandfather’s Fight to Save Brunca Culture Runs in My Blood

A young Brunca historian follows her grandfather’s lifelong example of resisting colonialism and protecting the biocultural diversity of her people. WORDS María Lázaro │ IMAGES María Lázaro and Jessica Lázaro [Esta es una versión modificada del original en español. Traducción de Andrea Vargas y Peter Tonkin. — Ed.] [This is a modified version of the original

Legal Rights and Spiritual Responsibilities: Indigenous Land Struggles in Costa Rica

Indigenous Peoples fight for their land rights to uphold their inherent responsibilities to the earth. WORDS Felipe Montoya, Gilbert González, Ana María Martínez, Julie Hard, and Mathieu Poirier | IMAGES Felipe Montoya . “Many people call her Mother Earth, but for us Bribri, she is the Girl Iriria. When Sibö made the Creation, he made

The Wealth of Our Lands: Celebrating Boititap Korenyo with the Ogiek of Mount Elgon, Kenya

A community advocates for land rights and protects its ancestral forest with mapping technology. WORDS AND IMAGES Rudo Kemper   The Ogiek of Mount Elgon are an Indigenous group native to western Kenya. They have lived across the vast swathe of moorland and forests of Mount Elgon since before colonial occupation and the subsequent creation

Territory of Life: The Story of Ibola Dja Bana da Massaha, the Reserve of All Massaha Children

A forest community in Gabon affirms its will for self-determination and responsible management of its ancestral land. WORDS Benjamin Evine-Binet | IMAGES Nsombou Abalghe-Dzal Association   Ours is a real story, one both lived and shaped by the Kota community of Massaha — a group of villages located in the Ogooué-Ivindo province of northeastern Gabon,