Custodianship for the Common Good: Restoring Traditional Concepts of Rights and Responsibilities

Inclusive international law and governance and a shared ethical framework are needed to sustain both people and the planet. WORDS AND IMAGES Nigel Crawhall  “The forest is our school, and our ancestors are our teachers.” — Papa Nze, Baka Elder, Zangaville, Gabon   . Global assessments such as the one produced in 2019 by the

“Good Fire”: An Intertribal Alliance Empowers Native Californians to Restore Their Homelands

Tribal members take responsibility toward the land by reviving ancestral cultural burning. WORDS AND IMAGES Jeanine Pfeiffer  AUDIO AND VIDEO Tribal EcoRestoration Alliance    . In Northern California’s Lake County, young and young-ish Tribal women and men are reclaiming their eco-cultural heritage four generations after their great-great-grandparents were massacred, enslaved, and ousted from their homelands,

Forest of Our Past, Forest of Our Future: Managing the Woods of an Ancient French Common 

A walk through one of France’s land commons reveals that the right to self-govern ensures the responsible management of natural resources. Gretchen Walters and Alain Levet . . The Stevenson Trail, a meandering 220 km path across rural central France, passes through the forests of the Mercoire massif, in the department of Lozère. The Mercoire,

La forêt de notre passé, la forêt de notre avenir : Gestion des bois d’un commun français

Une promenade dans l’un des communs fonciers montre que le droit à l’autonomie garantit une gestion responsable des ressources naturelles. Gretchen Walters et Alain Levet . Le chemin de Stevenson, un sentier sinueux de 220 km à travers le centre de la France, passe par les forêts du massif de Mercoire, dans le département de

Rani’s Rayah

A Dayak woman unleashes the power of song in defense of Borneo’s forest. WORDS Pinarsita Juliana | IMAGES AND VIDEO Save Our Borneo   . “What is the purpose of the invitation for the Dayak to stand united? What is the purpose of loving the forest? As an inheritance for posterity, it is,” sang Rani

On Becoming A Steward 

In Mexico and Canada, a budding environmentalist learns important lessons in awareness and responsibility. WORDS AND IMAGES Brian Jones     Growing up in Mexico in the 1990s, I always loved nature and wildlife, particularly the great diversity of species that one can see in jungles and on beaches along the country’s Pacific coast. When

Women Do It Differently: Realizing the Responsibilities of Rights in an Indigenous Community of India

Sakhi Women Self-Help Group

Village women succeed where the men had failed in restoring the community’s fisheries. WORDS Kanna K. Siripurapu and Aniket Bambole | IMAGES Kanna K. Siripurapu . On the northeastern side of Maharashtra State, India, lies Gadchiroli district, an area endowed with rich natural resources (about seventy percent of the land area is under forest cover)

The Rohingya Refugees: Language and Our Ethical Responsibility

A young volunteer reflects on the rights of refugees and the responsibilities of host countries. Deven Carse with Milana Carse . I live outside of Chicago, one of the biggest and most diverse cities in the United States. The Chicago area has a history of accepting immigrants from around the world and today hosts some

Ituri: Challenges and Prospects for Biocultural Heritage in Conflict Situations

A civilian peacekeeper explores the role of biocultural rights and responsibilities in achieving reconciliation and a lasting peace in conflict areas. Paulin Regnard It was with some trepidation that, in April of 2016, I set foot in Bunia, the capital of the Congolese province of Ituri in the northeastern part of the Democratic Republic of

Ethical Straw: Reviving a Sustainable Weaving Tradition in Nepal

Indigenous Newah farming communities reaffirm their identity and protect the land by rekindling ancestral artisanal skills. Sheetal Vaidya, Manju Maharjan, Samjhana Dahal, Yuvash Vaidya, and Prakash Khadgi   . Indigenous people make up a total of 35.8% of Nepal’s population. The country has ratified both the ILO (International Labor Union) Convention No. 169 and the