Jaqin Uraqpachat Amuyupa | The Aymara Cosmological Vision

by Amy Eisenberg “K’utarapxiw quqanakasxa, ukatxa phichantapxarakiw, quqa tunu lawanaks jik’irapxi, ukatsi janipu-niw jik’supkit qhuya tunu saphanakasxa.” “One should take pride in one’s land and culture. There is a popular saying in Aymara: ‘They cut our branches, they burn our leaves, they pull out our trunks… but never could they overtake our roots.’ This was

Language, Landscape and Custom: A Synthesis for Memory

linguistic diversity

by Marilee K. Gloe .. One February day I made my way through Jordan’s al-Siq at Petra. Jutting skyward, the granite walls were shades of orange, peach, brown, and beige, whipped into curvatures and sharp edges by the passage of wind and water over time. The magnitude of the walls dwarfed all human presence. The winter

“No one said a word”: Children Give Voice to the Fullness of Language, Landscape, and Life

Cape Breton

by Patrick Howard . We don’t like to think of our lives as predictable, as being mapped out, but our connections to people and place and how they shape who we become are most often undeniable. Much to the surprise of friends and family, on graduating from teacher’s college, I chose to take a position

Earthlings are Invading! Radical Language and Dialogue at the United Nations

Zulu (Bantu) village

by Joseph Lambert “There is an urgent need for society to replace the current anthropocentric worldview with a holistic system of governance, in which humanity plays a different role in how it perceives and interacts with the natural world.” —Experts Summary, United Nations’ “Harmony with Nature” Dialogue, 2016 I am, and have always been, fascinated

Maintaining the Linguasphere in the Anthropocene

linguistic diversity

by Peter Bridgewater .. One of the books that most influenced me as a young student was The Phenomenon of Man by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a Jesuit priest who trained as a paleontologist and geologist. His work on evolution, though not uncontested, remains some the most important in the world of paleontology. In The

Flourishing at Twenty: On Context and Foundations in the Rise of the Concept of Biocultural…

by Ken Wilson In the last issue of Langscape, Dave Harmon traced the emergence of the field of biocultural diversity as a call for engagement with the beautifully rich complexity of life. In this second take on “biocultural diversity at twenty,” I ponder the emergence of the concept (and field) from the perspective of the history

Editorial | Taking the Dance

cultural diversity

Voices of the Earth, Part II Langscape Magazine Volume 5, Issue 2, Winter 2016 . Am I ever so lucky! As Langscape editor, I sit in my Salt Spring Island office and, looking out of the window, I not only get to see the stunning beauty of the coastal rainforest all around me, I also get

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