Editorial | Rights and Responsibilities: An Inextricable Link

Rights and Responsibilities: An Inextricable Link Langscape Magazine, Volume 12, 2023   The 1990s and early 2000s were momentous years for the global Indigenous Peoples’ movement—years marked by a fervor of activities around the recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ rights. Those efforts culminated in 1994 with the drafting of the UN Declaration on the Rights of

Editorial | Naturelings: Rejoining the Circle of Life

Langscape 11

Reverence, Respect, and Reciprocity: Cornerstones of Biocultural Diversity Langscape Magazine, Volume 11,  Double Issue Summer/Winter 2022   A just, equitable, sustainable world in which the biocultural diversity of life can thrive: that has been Terralingua’s vision for over twenty-five years now. It’s a vision that, I know, resonates with many. Yet, it’s also a vision

Editorial | Acts of Rebellion: On Making the Impossible Possible

Langscape Magazine

Terralingua at 25: A Celebration of Biocultural Diversity Langscape Magazine, Volume 10,  Double Issue Summer/Winter 2021   It’s been twenty-five years since Terralingua was founded with a unique mission: to sustain biocultural diversity — the diversity of life in nature, culture, and languages. To Indigenous Peoples and local communities the world over, it has been

Terralingua Director Luisa Maffi Featured on Green Dreamer Podcast

Luisa Maffi, Director of Terralingua: Greed Dreamer Podcast Graphic

We’re delighted to announce that next week our co-founder and director, Luisa Maffi—one of the pioneers of the concept and field of biocultural diversity—was recently featured as a special guest on the Green Dreamer podcast, hosted by Kamea Chayne. In this compelling, two-part Q&A, Kamea and Luisa discuss the nuts and bolts of biocultural diversity—the

Editorial | Changing Our Lives, Sowing New Seeds

Langscape Magazine 9

The Other Extinction Rebellion: Countering the Loss of Biocultural Diversity Langscape Magazine Volume 9, Double Issue Summer/ Winter 2020 . With the climate emergency threatening life as we know it, an Extinction Rebellion movement has been afoot. We at Terralingua, however, believe there is another crisis against which the world should rebel too: the “biocultural

Editorial  | Circle of Stories, Circle of Life

Resilience and Resistance: Why the World Needs Biocultural Diversity Langscape Magazine Volume 6, Issue 2, Winter 2017 .  It was the end of a long day twenty-six years ago in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico’s southernmost state. I was part way into my two-year stint as a doctoral researcher among the Tzeltal Maya. That day

Editorial  | Coming Full Circle

Through A Different Lens: The Art & Science of Biocultural Diveristy Langscape Magazine Volume 6, Issue 1, Summer 2017 . Over twenty years ago, I was sitting in a conference room on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley, along with some thirty other people  —  academics as well as Indigenous knowledge holders and

Editorial | Taking the Dance

cultural diversity

Voices of the Earth, Part II Langscape Magazine Volume 5, Issue 2, Winter 2016 . Am I ever so lucky! As Langscape editor, I sit in my Salt Spring Island office and, looking out of the window, I not only get to see the stunning beauty of the coastal rainforest all around me, I also get

Editorial  | Listening to the Voices of the Earth

language revitalization

Voices of the Earth, Part I Langscape Magazine Volume 5, Issue 1, Summer 2016 . It’s 2016, and that makes it two decades since Terralingua came into existence, with a unique (back then, some might have said “quaint”) mission: to sustain biocultural diversity  —  the interconnected and interdependent diversity of life in nature and culture. Hard

Editorial | Rebuilding Sense of Place: At Home, and In the World

Langscape Magazine 4-2

The People’s Issue, Part II Langscape Magazine Volume 4, Issue 2, Winter 2015 . “Home is where you hang your hat,” goes a popular saying in the English language. That is, home is where you make it to be, where you feel comfortable, regardless of where you were born or brought up. I can hardly think

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