Protected by Prayer: Reverence, Respect, and Reciprocity at the Heart of Sacred Natural Sites in the Mediterranean

Greek Orthodox Monastère de Solan in France

Spiritual values are the key to a harmonious relationship with the earth. Liza Zogib and Sandra Spissinger-Bang     Protecting lands, territories, and the gifts of nature has been a human endeavor for millennia. That endeavor still exists, best exemplified by Indigenous Peoples around the globe and by other communities and individuals who maintain an

Greetings from the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

High Atlast Mountains, Morocco

A photographer and filmmaker shares a portrait of an Amazigh woman and her story of courage and resilience. WORDS AND IMAGE    İnanç Tekgüç   Hello, I am a photographer, filmmaker, and visual anthropologist from the island of Cyprus. As a part of my craft, I enjoy portraying people of diverse backgrounds. In my most

One Square Meter: Wool Art Honors the Biocultural Diversity of Mobile Pastoralists

needle-felting process

WORDS Liza Zogib, Divya Venkatesh, Sandra Spissinger, and Concha Salguero ART Almudena Sánchez Sánchez, Ana Trejo Rodríguez, and Inés García Zapata What follows is the story of One Square Meter — a story of how a creative art piece can make a compelling case for conservation in an entirely different way.   DiversEarth is one

On the Move: Reawakening the Common Language of the Mediterranean’s Mobile Pastoralists

mobile pastoralist

Text by Liza Zogib, Divya Venkatesh, & Sandra Spissinger Photographs by Stamos Abatis (Greece), Gema Arugaetta (Spain), Wassim Ghozlani (Tunisia), Bariş Koca (Turkey), Asaad Saleh (Lebanon), Younes Tazi (Morocco) . Mobile and nomadic pastoralists the world over share a common language—the language of the landscape, of the changing seasons, of the plants, of their animals.