The Plants Must Also Be Paid

sword fern

A found poem that summons us to respect plants, listen to their wisdom, and learn their names. WORDS AND IMAGES    Lee Beavington   my grandfather was an expert   my father only learned some ……….I know almost nothing we hunt, see, pick, smell, gather, use, boil, taste red sap of the root bladder of

Trees or Us?

Trees or Us

Art with a message: we must stand for the trees, so they will stand for us. WORDS AND ART    Barbara Derrick   About the Artwork To many, I’m known as the “Blue Artist.” I created my painting “Trees or Us” from the richest of colors and bluest of blue, to draw viewers telekinetically to

Mist on the Mountain

Poem by David Rapport

David J. Rapport . Pregnant with Passion Nuances of Nature Permeate our senses Burnish feelings deep within Life and non-life cling to each other, incessantly In Mist on the Mountain Countless Creatures in the Canopy Take the Dance Sunbeams Synchronize Clocks of Cacophony . . Back to Vol. 9 | Read the Table of Contents | Like Our Stories?


Sand sculpture by Roxanne Swentzell

Page Lambert They say the traffic in London has killed the song of the nightingale. When they serenade each other, they sound more like the honking of horns, the squealing of brakes, and so the nests lie empty. Yet a coyote sought shelter in a Chicago Starbuck’s last month, the closest thing to a cave

Celebrating Body and Soul: A Tea-Making Festival Reunites Russians with Their Cultural Traditions

Founder of the festival

by Mariia Ermilova and Tatiana Ilinich Every Russian knows the tall herb with elegant pink flowers and a reddish stem: Ivan-Chai (Epilobium angustifolium or Chamaenerion angustifolium). This plant is found throughout Russia, from Europe to the Far East. It usually appears on the outskirts of towns, one of the first species to appear when land

Tunun Kayutukun: Words Have Power

Unangan storytellers - eagle

by Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff and Libby Roderick Contrary to most people in modern societies who see words simply as vehicles for conveying information or expressing thoughts and feelings, people in traditional Indigenous societies view words as entities that carry great power; therefore, they must be chosen and used with utmost care. Most non-Indigenous people don’t

Heal the Land, Heal the People: Strengthening Relationships at Hwaaqw’um in the Salish Sea

Text by Joe Akerman (T’awaxwultun) | Photos by Xwaaqw’um Project . Maakw’stem ‘uw huliitun tst. Maaqkw’stem ‘uw slhilhukw’tul “Everything is what sustains us. Everything is interconnected.” This is a story about coming home to a Quw’utsun (Hul’q’umi’num, Coast Salish) village site to heal. To heal the land, relationships with one another, and the people and communities

Sustain, Benefit, Celebrate: Embedding Nature in Our Culture

Text and photos by Rob Butler   In 2015, I flew to Ecuador, boarded a motorized canoe with a group of friends, and three hours later disembarked at a riverbank dock from which a boardwalk led us to a lagoon. There, guides and canoes awaited to take us to a rustic lodge immersed in Amazon

Photo Gallery: Story Map

by Jennifer McRuer and Nuevas Voces . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . This photo gallery is an extension of Story Map: Youth Reconnect to Place and Biocultural Heritage in Colombia by Jen McRuer. . Back to Vol. 6, Issue 2 | Read the Table of Contents | Like Our Stories? Please Donate!

Earthlings are Invading! Radical Language and Dialogue at the United Nations

Zulu (Bantu) village

by Joseph Lambert “There is an urgent need for society to replace the current anthropocentric worldview with a holistic system of governance, in which humanity plays a different role in how it perceives and interacts with the natural world.” —Experts Summary, United Nations’ “Harmony with Nature” Dialogue, 2016 I am, and have always been, fascinated

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