Making Kin: The Interconnected Lives of the Mising People of India

A Mising woman preparing apong.

An Indigenous community’s respect toward all life offers a hopeful vision to the world. WORDS AND IMAGES    Suprita Chatterjee . India has a large population of Indigenous Peoples, with an estimated population of 104 million (2011 census), a large majority of them living in the northeast region of the country. Often seen as a

My Homeland

Wei Sawdong Falls

A Khasi youth expresses love and pride for his native land and culture. WORDS AND IMAGE    Carmel Fedrick Malngiang   Khasiland — The name of my homeland, Located somewhere on earth. Famous For its beauty, rain songs, and war Rich in culture and Unique in history. The aroma of love pervades the air, The

In the Abode of the Clouds: Biocultural Diversity of Meghalaya, India


WORDS Raynold Lyngdoh IMAGES Raynold and Anne Lyngdoh Nestled in the more secluded northeastern region of India are several unique tribal groups, each diverse and distinct in their own right. Every group faces immense challenges in maintaining their linguistic and cultural diversity, as globalization and external influences perpetually challenge and erode the age-old traditional practices