Greetings from the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

High Atlast Mountains, Morocco

A photographer and filmmaker shares a portrait of an Amazigh woman and her story of courage and resilience. WORDS AND IMAGES    İnanç Tekgüç . Hello, I am a photographer, filmmaker, and visual anthropologist from the island of Cyprus. As a part of my craft, I enjoy portraying people of diverse backgrounds. In my most

In Pursuit of Dreams: An Odyssey of Self-discovery and Homecoming of a Young Dhangar Man

biocultural diversity

Story by Somnath Dadas (Dhangar), age 22, India, with Kanna K. Siripurapu Chasing My Dreams I’m Somnath Dadas (22), a young Dhangar (shepherd) man, and this is my journey of self-discovery, a story of chasing my dreams and returning to my cultural roots. I’m a native of Kothale village of the Indian state of Maharashtra,

On the Move: Reawakening the Common Language of the Mediterranean’s Mobile Pastoralists

mobile pastoralist

Text by Liza Zogib, Divya Venkatesh, & Sandra Spissinger Photographs by Stamos Abatis (Greece), Gema Arugaetta (Spain), Wassim Ghozlani (Tunisia), Bariş Koca (Turkey), Asaad Saleh (Lebanon), Younes Tazi (Morocco) . Mobile and nomadic pastoralists the world over share a common language—the language of the landscape, of the changing seasons, of the plants, of their animals.