Voices of the Hindu Kush

In a remote area of northwestern Pakistan, the Kalash community has maintained harmony with its territory of life. WORDS AND IMAGES Ajaz Ahmed      The Kalash or Kalasha people are a distinctive Indo-Aryan community nestled in the Hindu Kush mountain range, in Chitral District of Pakistan’s Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province. For the past fifteen years, I

Sacrifice Zones

In a Québec watershed, a student documents the transformation of territories of life into toxic dumping grounds — and back. Alex DePani   The Chateauguay River watershed is a transboundary water catchment area, draining rainwater and snowmelt from the high peaks of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State to the flat, fertile lands extending

Women Do It Differently: Realizing the Responsibilities of Rights in an Indigenous Community of India

Sakhi Women Self-Help Group

Village women succeed where the men had failed in restoring the community’s fisheries. WORDS Kanna K. Siripurapu and Aniket Bambole | IMAGES Kanna K. Siripurapu . On the northeastern side of Maharashtra State, India, lies Gadchiroli district, an area endowed with rich natural resources (about seventy percent of the land area is under forest cover)

Reviving Eco-civilizations: Our Best Hope for the Future

In Hawaiʻi, the concept of rights is more accurately understood to mean responsibilities. Kawika Winter . Highly advanced societies have existed at various points throughout antiquity, before the modern era of globalization. Some have been classified as “civilizations,” and they have been taken as models for how we humans should live on this planet. The

Country Minds and the Age of Restoration

biocultural diversity

by Bob Weeden I often think about this marvelous planet, both the place we call home and the world beyond our personal experience. I think in words and pictures. The words are about a wrong turn we made somewhere, unknowingly and with good intentions but bad consequences. The consequences to people are crowding, inequality, unfairness, despair,