Celebrate & Support Biocultural Diversity this May

biocultural diversity day

This month, the UN celebrates Cultural Diversity Day (May 21) and Biological Diversity Day (May 22). We at Terralingua would like to take that a step further and recommend that Cultural Diversity Day and Biodiversity Day would be better combined into Biocultural Diversity Day! Cultural diversity and biological diversity are inextricably interlinked; both give vitality

Safeguarding Food-Producing Cultural Landscapes: The Role of the UNESCO-Greece Melina Mercouri International Prize


by Mechtild Rössler, Akane Nakamura, and Roland Chih-Hung Lin On July 1, 2018, ancestral lands situated in the heart of Canada’s boreal forest were added to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO’s) World Heritage List for their outstanding cultural and natural value. The place is called Pimachiowin Aki, or “the Land that Gives

The Lure of a “Modern Lifestyle”: Bridging the Food Generation Gap in South Africa

by Felix Kwabena Donkor and Kevin Mearns . Good nutrition, health, and well-being are core narratives in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Wholesome food is a common denominator in achieving these ideals. In many places around the world, however, food is more than what meets the eye or is served on the plate.

Earthlings are Invading! Radical Language and Dialogue at the United Nations

Zulu (Bantu) village

by Joseph Lambert “There is an urgent need for society to replace the current anthropocentric worldview with a holistic system of governance, in which humanity plays a different role in how it perceives and interacts with the natural world.” —Experts Summary, United Nations’ “Harmony with Nature” Dialogue, 2016 I am, and have always been, fascinated