Wellsprings of Territories of Life

Gaoli pastoralists in central India assert their traditional natural resource governance against fortress conservation. Ajinkya Shahane, Pandhari Hekade, Kanna K. Siripurapu, and Prafulla Kalokar   The Melghat region of the Satpura Range in central India is renowned for its lush green forests, its tigers, and the Korku Indigenous tribe, who once lived in the forest

Where Elephants Drink: Water Bodies and Human–Elephant Coexistence

Water patterns and an ancient human–elephant social contract hold important lessons for eco-justice. WORDS AND IMAGES Elizabeth Oriel     A brief walk by three water bodies in rural southern Sri Lanka is a tour through history and through different ways of relating to landscapes and to other beings. Amid teak and jackfruit trees sits

The Dam Departed

Dam Departed

Teja Jonnalagadda We have fallen so far from where the water fell. There a wall stands now to power dishwashers, curling irons, flat screen TVs, and telephone poles. The fish no longer swim freely. Crawling up step ladders like meticulous marmosets. Flooded the valley floor, to ensure that we can always take more. We have

Wild Waters: Landscapes of Language


by Dawn Wink . . . in the bottom of a dark canyon, I stood in a shroud of voices. They spun up the canyon walls, radiating through the dusky interior. . . The voices were part of a complex language, a language that formed audible words as water tumbled over rocks, and one that