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We created Terralingua Ubuntu as a space for Terralingua members and friends to come together as a community, connect, and work together to sustain the biocultural diversity of life.

Ubuntu is a word in the isiXhosa and isiZulu languages of South Africa, meaning: 1. Humanity or personhood, achieved through interconnectedness with other people and community. 2. An African philosophy of humanism, grounded in the notion that human identity and dignity arise out of respect, concern, compassion, generosity, and reciprocity toward others–family, neighbors, ancestors, community, and the human race at large.

True to our mandate of actively supporting biocultural diversity, we developed a new website platform offering:

  • A new membership system with several options for both paid and free membership, so that all of you can share your voice
  • Forums to encourage dialogue about biocultural diversity
  • An online store to purchase individual Terralingua resources
  • A convenient portal for donating online

Please visit www.terralinguaubuntu.org.

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